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Aurora Aksnes, known simply as Aurora, is a Norwegian singer, songwriter, and producer who has captivated global audiences with her ethereal voice and unique blend of electronic pop and folk influences. Born in Stavanger, Norway, Aurora gained widespread attention with her debut EP “Running with the Wolves” in 2015 and her first album “All My Demons Greeting Me as a Friend” in 2016. Her music is characterized by emotional depth and lyrical complexity, exploring themes of nature, love, and the human experience.

Renowned for her dynamic stage presence and captivating live performances, Aurora combines elements of dance and storytelling to create an immersive concert experience. She is also an advocate for environmental and social issues, using her platform to raise awareness about climate change, mental health, and equality. With albums like “A Different Kind of Human (Step 2)” and “The Gods We Can Touch,” Aurora continues to evolve as an artist, solidifying her place in the music industry as a beacon of originality and inspiration.

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